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About Us

Darren & Max

Hello, my name is Darren Mezzino and I am a Registered dog breeder.

I have been breeding Pedigree A.C.D/Blue Heelers since 2011.

I originally started with A.C.D's after a marriage breakup. During this time I aquired my first Blue Heeler - My Best mate Max.

I have come along way since then my mate Max has introduced me to everything that is so great about ACD/Blue Heelers. He not only helped me get through some rough times but he also befriended many others along the way.


With Max's encouragement I came to the realisation that I had something very special, Something that should be shared. I began researching and after 12 months of searching through blood lines with the help of some very good people I successfully obtained some new best friends. Belle and Jack.

Tahlia & Belle
Belle & Jack
Termite & Naughty

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My dogs work well and are extremely good with family. They are intellegent and have prooven to be fast


learners with good even temperaments.


They are as loyal as the day is long.


All of our Puppys are PRA-A by Parentage and are breed to the highest standard.




More recently came our newest family members Naughty, Florence and our newest mate is Termite.